Linked data, filters and services

Data legend

Libraries maintain some of the richest descriptive metadata, curated content, and services in the world. For the Web to connect with libraries, we must share in a way the Web understands. The following icons are used to represent the types of data Libraries publish to the Web.

Data enrichment

Libraries share not only their catalogs but additional enrichment data that makes their catalogs even better. The following reflect the visual cues used to represent this information.

  • A Bibframe Resource (e.g. Person) from the library catalog.
  • A Bibframe Resource (e.g. Person) from a premium data enrichment service such as EBSCO NoveList, WikiData, ORCID, etc.
  • A Bibframe Resource (e.g. Person) from library catalog that has been enriched by a premium data enrichment service.

Resource types

Bibframe resource types provide common control points to connect data in the Library and across the Web. The following types are derived from a Library catalog.

Work Types

Specific Work (content) types include

Instance Types

Specific Instance (carrier) types include

Item Types

Item types are aggregate types based on specific combinations of Work (Content) and Instance (Carrier). Item types include

  • Book
  • Audio Book
  • Sound Recording
  • Movie
  • Electronic Book / Electronic Resource
  • Periodical
  • Series
  • Music

Identifier services

Each resource on a Libraries Link Domain has a Local Link Identifier. Some of these resources are known by additional community or vendor supplied identifiers such as an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) or a control number assigned by a Library vendor. Identifier Resolver and Mapping services are provided to make it easier to access these Local Link resources by these additional identifiers.

Identifier resolvers

Identifier Resolvers are provided by the Libraries Link Domain to more easily access Library.Link resources directly and accelerate the data consumption by 3rd party applications.

Identifier Resolvers follow the simple, generalized pattern of

The following are identifier resolver variables and permitted values currently available.

any valid 13 digit ISBN
[ none, 'resource', 'resource/borrow' ]
Returns the resource of the ISBN Identifier
Returns the portal resource associated with the instance that is identified by the ISBN
Returns the library catalog page of the portal resource associated with the instance that is identified by the ISBN