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The calcium connection, the little-known enzyme at the root of your cellular health, Brunde Broady, with Karen Lacey and Lyle Wilson ; foreword by Russell Dahl, PhD - hardcover

Broady's son Knute has had compromised health since birth. The medical establishment helped manage his condition, but could not diagnose or cure him. By researching and documenting Knute's reactions to certain foods, she learned how Calcium ATPase, a fundamental regulator of intercellular calcium, is negatively impacted by food additives and other inhibitors. Here Broady gives readers a clear explanation of this enzyme's function and outlines the steps you can take to gain optimal enzyme health. -- adapted from info provided
Table Of Contents
What is Calcium Atpase -- Diseases associated with reduced Calcium Atpase -- The enemies of Calcium Atpase -- The Calcium Atpase max protocol (Camp)
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
xxiii, 236 pages, illustrations, charts, 24 cm

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