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The Punisher, the complete collection, written by Garth Ennis ; illustrated by Darick Robertson, Lewis LaRosa and Leandro Fernandez - v.7

"From 2003 to 2008, writer Garth Ennis worked with some of the best artists in comics to produce an unforgettable run on The Punisher. Now, Marvel presents a new collection of the stories that changed the world of Frank Castle forever. In the opening miniseries, 'Born', the Vietnam War is on its last legs -- but Captain Frank Castle has no intention of letting it die quietly. Soon the men of Firebase Valley Forge are fighting tooth and nail to stay alive -- and their commander's dark obsession may yet prove more lethal than the enemy at their gates. 'In The Beginning' sees Castle on the streets of post-9/11 New York City, fighting his endless one-man war on crime. A bloody massacre tips the balance of power in the underworld, and soon new players are drifting into town. But America is now a deadlier place, and violent men are in demand for the conflicts overseas. The CIA set their sights on a new recruit for the war on terror -- Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher -- only to find out that they're playing with white-hot fire. The fading ghosts of the Irish mob -- the psychopaths and sadists known as the Westies -- still haunt the bars and alleyways of what was once Hell's Kitchen. The punisher finds himself caught in an ancient feud as dangerous visitors bring their grudges to 21st-century Manhattan -- and a figure from Castle's own past arrives to throw gasoline on the fire. Irish America meets the genuine article, in 'Kitchen Irish'."--Page 4 of cover
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volumes (unpaged), color illustrations, 27 cm.

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