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Live healthy on a tight schedule, 5 easy ways for busy people to develop sustainable habits around food, exercise and self-care, by SIlvana Siskov

We live in a crazy world! We live busy lives! We are stressed out! It can be hard to prioritise the most important things in life, in the right way, simply because time seems to be eaten up without much effort. There is nothing more important in life than dedicating yourself to adopting a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding this means that your health is literally on the line, but the good news is that you can change this situation with a few simple alterations to your lifestyle, adopting the right mindset to help you embrace health and well-being. Live Healthy on a Tight Schedule is designed for anyone who struggles to find the time to focus on anything other than their daily to-do list. We all make excuses for not having the time to do x, y, and z, but how true is that really? When something is important to you, you will find the time. You simply need to know how to move a few things around and change your focus, in order to achieve it. In Live Healthy on a Tight Schedule, you will discover: What it takes to make healthy food feel good How to finally fall in love with exercise and start taking care of your body 5 healthy morning routines to kickstart your day How to take care of yourself when you do not have time How to become author of your own life And much more! From healthy-eating regimes to dietary advice, food labels to vitamins, exercise to quick movement tips, time management to self-care, you will find everything you need and more in this book, to design the life you want, and obtain the results you need. So, if you have always tried fad diets and noticed that they are simply not sustainable, or you have lost weight in the past but found that it creeped its way back on again, it all comes down to making sustainable and enjoyable changes that give you the results you want, for the rest of your days. Live Healthy on a Tight Schedule shows you how to do exactly that, without missing out on any of the facets of your busy lifestyle. This book will show you 5 easy and proven ways to develop healthy habits around food, exercise and self-care
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non fiction
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128 pages, illustrations, 22 cm

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